People seemed to like it so here’s the QR code. Enjoy your noodle lamps.

Here's a tank version.


Two more faerie dresses for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Jhudora and Taelia. Remember that I’m open to Neopets-themed ACNL design suggestions!




Uniform From MiCHEL’s blog.


Since this year is the 50th anniversary of The British Invasion, and since this semester I took a class on the history of rock and roll, I though my town could use a bit of Beatlemania!

But seriously this took me forever to do, since I can’t find a picture to pixel converter with a working QR creation function. So this was about two hours of a Friday night hand placing every pixel while looking at a reference.

Make this look extra rock and roll by pairing it with the black denim pants or the tartan pants, and the lace up or steel toed boots.

I’m going to do a few more Beatles inspired designs in the future, once my semester is finally over!


Guess who made varsity? You, when you wear this stunning piece! The scoop neck top adds some feminine charm to the masculine jacket, enough for either sex to wear it flawlessly! There’s no me in team, but there’s a you in this jacket!


Original creations. Decided to make a painting set of tree silhouettes, they could also work as pillows and whatnot.


Monarch Butterfly Dress QR code for Animal Crossing: New Leaf by Piper (modeled after this)