Lace swatches that look pretty cool as wallpaper or custom furniture. Oh! And a pastel ombre.


This is my 2nd main player, Tyler. I’m getting really excited for autumn, in fact for all those sweaters and stuff


i had lots of fun making this design of coraline’s raincoat! i watched coraline for the first time in ages today, and i’m still completely in love with the entirety of that film’s aesthetics!


made a cropped lace tank top and a strappy bandeau 

kinda want to be able to make pants and shorts lmao


Who’s excited for fall?! It’s not too early for this. Definitely not.


my cycle town is tally hall themed


I made my first pattern!


I tried to make a classic flannel shirt to go with my overalls for fall. But eh, I stink at designing.


Here’s some random dresses I made for myself a while ago..

I made a reverse coloration of the in-game turnip dress, and one that kind of reads “old librarian”

I couldn’t find my screenshot of Starkey in the reverse-turnip, so have her in the library dress :)